In a piece of paradise, where nature stays splendid for you. Let yourself be carried away by the forces of our mountains and enjoy the good gifts, refresh your body and your soul. Make your journey of discovery and let it go really well!


How good to know where the world is still in order: Majestic peaks,
lined up for the only natural wonder, pure white water gurgling brooks in
and rivers, good clear air and on the pastures a lavish splendor
of colorful wild flowers and fragrant herbs. This is the
Tiroler Oberland under the bright blue of the summer sky.


Lots of fun and action can also be found in our region.


Nature - showpieces


From the sprawling Inn floodplains up to the majestic glacier giants of the holiday region Tiroler Oberland disclosed to the Kaunertal the whole variety of Tyrol:


  • Unique and made arable valleys as the Pfundser Tschey

  • Impressive canyon experience in the Radurschelklamm

  • Zirbenwald Radurschl with a Sculpture Park

  • A natural spectacle is the Falling Brook near the Anton-Renk-Hütte

  • Teaching and eventful, the Nature Park Kaunergrat

  • Monumental Kaunertal Glacier Road with a dam and magnificent panorama


Culture - beauties


The melting point of three countries and on the famous Roman alpine road "Via Claudia" the region is a journey of discovery in history and culture:


  • Culture walks along the Via Claudia to the old Zollfeste Old Finsermünz

  • Tyrolean Folk Culture: Greiter mill and Greiter saw, Museum pound, old courthouse, lock Siegmundsried, flow Museum in the Kaunertal Valley Museum

  • Impressive castle Berneck at the beginning of the Kaunertal

  • Unique wing museum of "Anton aus Nufels"

  • Religious pilgrimage attraction Kaltenbrunn


Water - Worlds


The Green Inn, lake, water parks, spas, natural lakes, bogs, streams, waterfalls, water reservoir and ice. Water in all its diversity can be experienced here:


  • Soothing Kneipp and Tretanlage with mini-fundus

  • Romantic Inn on floodplains

  • Lake with many attractions such as the new 40-meter slide

  • Refreshing Fun Outdoor pools

  • The Kaunertal indoor pool

  • Invigorating spa Sauerbrunn

  • Simply charming, Schnadiger pond and lake Piller

  • Interesting, the Kaunerberger waterway

  • Attractions Gepatsch Reservoir, Fischeralm


Hiking & Biking


Comfortable hiking and cycling along the valley floor ... Alpine meadows and mountain huts ... romantic summits and glacier tours


  • Hundreds of kilometers of well-marked hiking and biking trails for all abilities

  • Idyllic cabins as the Hohenzollnerhaus, Brandenburger Haus Anton-Renk-Hütte, Rough-head-hut, Verpeilhütte, Gepatschhaus

  • Refuges: Kobler-, Platzer, Gschneier-, Radurschl-, Nasserein-, Fendler-, Stalanzer-, Falkauns-, Gallrutt- and Aifner Alm, Alm Fließer in Spiss

Kraftplatz Mountain


Elemental well being in the input and harmony with the natural alpine. New approaches to physical and spiritual harmony and balance - Kraftplatz Mountain!


  • „Kraftplatz Mountain“ is a new range to make the alpine nature a complete experience. The connection man - nature - mountain is intensely tactile, audible, tangible ... Far Eastern theories of harmony and body schools link with traditional items to a new way

  • Alpine meditation, Qi gong, singing bowl sounds of nature, shiatsu, breathing techniques in the nature and the mountains.

Active Experience


The Dorado for adventurer and adventure seekers. For each claim intriguing offers in order to experience nature in new and exciting perspectives


  • Unforgettable River Rafting on the Inn

  • Exciting adventure canyoning in different gorges

  • Tandem paragliding and ideal paragliding conditions

  • At the top of glacier hiking, rock climbing and ice climbing

  • Horse and pony rides for adults and children

  • Sunny glacier skiing on the Kaunertal Weißseeferner

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